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First Play Test with InGameUK

The first version of the game tested with the lovely people from InGameUK!

Game Overview and Final Thoughts from The Boardgame Mechanics

"If you like just playing filler games you can just bust this out and play it a couple of times in a row and have some good times"

Overview and Final Thoughts from Jenders Gaming

"A cute little peaceful game, you battle the other players and you compete against each other but it's really a peaceful little experience" 

Updated Testing With InGameUK

See how the game has progressed. Thanks to their help, Caterpillar Filler is now much more developed (and with expansion tiles). 

Preview with Play Games Spread Joy

"Nice simple filler game that reminded my of the old school phone snake game, inching around the board trying to bite and eat the things you need"

Overview and Final Thoughts from Meeples On The Ground

"This definitely feels like an analogue version of the video game snake. It was all I could think about when playing my turns was man, this is basically a board game of snake."

Love 2 Hate's 2 Minute Review With a Non-Gamer 

"It's a little nostalgic, it definitely makes you think of the old game snake, it's easy enough to play with kids and a fairly quick game"

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