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Temp Worker Assassins - First Blog


This is my first blog of the game as I thought it might be fun to keep a working record of how everything is progressing and to let everyone know what’s going on. I wasn’t sure how to start this, but the natural place to start anything is at the beginning.

I first got the idea for Temp Worker Assassins unsurprisingly at my current job. It was the day after the night before where everyone in the office went out for after work drinks. A sudo-mandatory affair where the first two drinks are free! I was relatively well behaved and left very early on in the evening but to my total lack of surprise everyone else stayed out all night. The next day, one by one hung over colleagues started crawling to their desks and I started to daydream about zombies.

Resentful that I was the only one fit to do any work that morning I wandered off wondering what I could do with my time. As it happened the same day a skip was brought in to collect any old folders or files people had for recycling. There were folders being thrown away that looked like they hadn’t been used since the 60s. These were perfect for making game prototypes so I asked if I could have some. That night I went home and created (on stolen stationery) the first prototype about stealing stationery to kill office zombies.

I guess after the beginning comes the middle, where the game is now. Art is complete, rules have been written and after hundreds of test runs later (thanks everyone) this labour of love is ready to share with the world. I will sending off the designs for demo copies to be professionally printed this week. Thank you to everyone who has helped with this game and I will keep everyone posted soon. Hopefully in the future, with your help this dream can come alive.


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