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Revising on Reviews

Welcome Assassins!

This will be the last blog before the game launches on Kickstarter (I can’t believe that this is on Tuesday!). I would like to thank everyone who has helped Temp Worker over the last three years, it really is humbling the support that has been provided by the board game community.

Today I would like to discuss my thoughts on the feedback provided by players and official reviewers, and to also give a sneak preview on the stretch goals (as they are linked).

Hopefully this will also provide some confidence to anyone thinking of investing their hard earned cash in a UK crowd funded board game about stealing stationery and killing fantasy office workers (perhaps on reflection this might be a bit of a niche audience).

Feedback from Reviewers

Firstly I would like to thank the amazing people that volunteer their spare time on providing reviews for independent developers which allow players to see what future games are really like.

I am truly thankful for their honesty and their expertise.

On the whole reviews have been very positive (which was a relief!) but there have been some suggestions on how to make TWA even better. The last few months I have been reflecting on suggestions made which fall mainly into two areas; improved stationery art and suggestions for improving game play / expanding into new areas.

Improved Art

You may already have seen the improvements to the stationery cards. The first wave of art was deliberately designed to look a little drab as the original intention was to create a feeling of using everyday office equipment as weapons.

These were not universally loved and so we have completely redesigned them to look more exciting and gory!

Expanding the Game

There hasn’t been one underlying suggestion or universal agreement on which way to expand on.

Common themes have been on introducing more hate between players (although not everyone likes this) and making the game harder for more seasoned gamers.

To help with this I have created five expansions:-

  1. Extra departments (some of which backers will get to create themselves!).

  2. Targets with rewards based on the types of stationery you steal (Created with the likenesses of backers).

  3. Stationery cards that give temporary bonuses / one shot weapons (short vs. long term rewards).

  4. Stationery cards that attack other players, creating more player interaction but potentially ruining friendships.

  5. A Hard Mode. Start-up departments with fewer action spaces to create a more challenging experience (social media stretch goal to be announced at launch).

Introducing new components to any game comes at a physical cost to make however these will be added to the game (at no extra expense to you) if we hit our stretch goals!

Each of the expansions are designed so that they can be added to the game in any combination so as each of these becomes unlocked, so does more depth and replay value.

I know I said this at the start of the blog but I really am very thankful for everyone’s support and feedback and I hope you like the improved game that has resulted from it.


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